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Let your space pay for your Rent, Bills, utilities, mortgage, groceries

Join our 2,000+ hosts in earning an average
of $4-6,000/year by renting your free
space for storage or parking.

How hosting your space works

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All you need is two good photos, a short description, and 5 minutes.

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Choose the pricing and features you want to offer. You decide access to the space.

Check requests

Keep an eye on any alerts for renter questions or booking requests. Once they book your space coordinate move in via our messenger.

Relax & earn

Automated billing and automated payouts. We deposit your earnings directly to your bank or Paypal account.

Free coverage for every space

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Payment can be via direct deposit to your bank account or PayPal. Payments occur in 28-day billing periods, starting on the first day of the booking. Hosts are paid at the end of each period. For periods less than 28 days — shorter bookings or bookings with partial periods at the end (e.g., a 35-day booking will be broken into a 28-day initial period and a subsequent 7-day partial period) — payment occurs at the conclusion of the booking.
You can rent out any type of extra space you have, including, but not limited to, closets, basements, spare bathrooms, living rooms, garages, space under lofted beds or dining room tables, and parking spaces. So long as there is space to rent out, you can list it.
Our service automatically suggests a price per floor square foot based upon prevailing market prices in your area. We check regularly to make sure your prices beat the lowest available prices from competitors by 25-33%.